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The First

Crown Derby Imari Pattern Napier

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Vacuum coffee brewers came in various shapes, sizes and were made from glass or metal. Vacuum coffee brewers were used extensively during the 1930s, '40s and '50s. Silex was the first to market the stovetop brewer in the mid '20s, see Fry Silex. Silex became the largest producer of these vacuum brewers, see below.


Silex Coffeemakers

Silex Coffeemakers


The "Silex Coffee Percolator"

The early years


"Coffee Robots"  

by S.W. Farber, Inc.

"First fully automatic coffee brewer"  

"Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!"


Pictures, history, directions and scans from my Farberware dealers catalogue and brochure. Click on above link to view.







Kent Vacuum Brewer 


 "Coffee Ads."  


Oddball Vacuum Brewers


Various Vacuum Brewers in my collection. Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

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Westinghouse        Cory Stainless           Kent              Silex Regent        Universal            Fry/Silex

MVC-007F.JPG (29347 bytes)  Red Silex.jpg (30803 bytes)  38 MB.jpg (48483 bytes)       SILEX1.jpg (47214 bytes)  a53.jpg (24663 bytes)

 Chrome Silex       Red Silex     1938 Manning-Bowman               Silex Lido               


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   Silex in box    VictorySilex                                                       Kent               Cory 12-cup

coffeemakrGEb.jpg (69591 bytes)  fkcoffeepotg1-61.jpg (53665 bytes)  RedSilex.jpg (18341 bytes)      Cory Narrow.jpg (21001 bytes)  12cupK.jpg (36979 bytes)   

      G.E.         Taste King        Red Silex Jr.                  Cory                12-cup W model